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OK, if you are on this page, you are probably looking for a no nonsense review on male enhancement methods. Before we get started, did you take a look at all the other results that you browsed through in Google. They will all try to sell you some expensive penis pills like Male Extra, VigrX and so on. They will promise you that you just have to pop the pill and wait for your penis to magically grow.

The FACT OF THE MATTER is that a penis pill just cannot increase the size of the penis. Just let that sink into your head. It won’t work. It doesn’t matter even if you spend $500 on penis pills. It just wont give you better results.

The ONLY way to increase penis size is through male enhancement exercises. This is a slow but guaranteed process to increase your penis size by at least about 2 inches, over a two month period. Most people will turn away from this page after they read that they have to wait for two months to get a larger penis. They will probably go to some site and buy a penis pill anyway. We hope you are not one of them.