An expert review of alternative treatments of Peyronie’s disease

Peyronies-DiseaseSurgery is one of the options if you are looking for a way to cure Peyronie’s disease. However, it is risky and expensive. Plus, there is a long recovery period after the surgery. Luckily, there is an alternative Peyronies treatment that is less risky while more affordable.

Vitamin E Therapy

A higher level of vitamin E is believed to be an effective treatment for Peyronies disease. This is supported by positive results of clinical trials. The studies show that vitamin E treatment reduced Penile Curvature in 78 percent of the patients. It also successfully reduced the size of plaque by 91 percent.

Vitamin E is an effective antioxidant. In fact, it is used to treat fibrosis which is similar to Peyronies only the latter affects only the penis’ shaft.

You can increase your body’s supply of vitamin E through vitamin tablets. You can also look for topical vitamin E creams. You may even include potassium aminobenzoate in the therapy. Chemicals in the vitamin B group are believed to help in breaking down hard fibrous skin.

Why Choose This: While it is not guaranteed that vitamin E can get rid of the plaque, it is the safest choice for Peyronies treatment. There is low toxicity level. Plus, vitamin E pills and creams are very affordable.

An expert review of alternative treatments of Peyronie’s disease


POTABA stands for potassium para-aminobenzoate. It is a very common treatment for diseases that involve plaque and pain, which characterizes several diseases including Peyronie’s.

A study about POTABA’s efficiency was conducted recently. Thirty two men, who were suffering from Peyronie’s, received a daily dose of POTABA for three months. There were positive results. For instance, penile discomfort and pain subsided in eight patients. The plaque got smaller in 18 patients. Additionally, improvements on the curvature were also observed in 18 patients while eight claimed their penis’s curvature goes back to normal.

Why Choose This: It is less risky than surgery and other forms of Peyronies cure. However, minor side effects are a possibility.

Traction-Based Extenders

The traction-based extenders or stretchers appear to be the best alternative cure for Peyronies. There is a high successful rate. It is safe. Plus, long lasting effects were observed.

SizeGeneticsMany studies on the effectiveness of traction extenders as Peyronies disease treatment were conducted in the past. In 2002, the result of one of those studies was presented in the 22nd European Congress of Andrology. The study tested the efficiency of mechanical penile stretching when it comes to reducing deformity during erection. It involved 10 patients who were suffering from Peyronie’s disease. For six months, the patients’ penis was measured and penile stretching was applied at home before and after their daily activities.

Why Choose This: The results show that it improved curvature during erection in just three months. It was also noted that there are no side effects. However, its efficiency is limited to Peyronie’s patients who do not have an erectile dysfunction.

Surgery is always an option for treatment Peyronies disease. However, these alternatives for Peyronies treatment may also be considered if you prefer one with less cost and risk.

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