Anatomy of the Vagina

Anatomy of the VaginaIf you would study the human body, you will see that both male and female have internal and external regions in their genitalia. Studying the female body or anatomy may be boring for some but you might change your mind when it comes to studying Anatomy of the Vagina.

Anatomy of Female Genitalia – The Outer Parts

Contrary to popular belief, the first that that one would see in a female genitalia is not the vagina. The outermost part is the vulva, which is typically covered by pubic hair unless shaved or waxed. The hair grows from the tissue mons pubis.

The next part of female organs is the outer lips or the labia majora. It contains fatty tissues. They enclose the vulva from mons pubis to the perineum, which is the opening that opens during childbirth (more on this later). The outer lips of the female genitalia have sweat glands and oil glands. They emit a scent that most people think sexually stimulating.

Anatomy of the Vagina

After the labia majora, you will see the labia minora or inner lips. This part protects the clitoris, urethra and vagina.

When you go further, you will see the clitoris which is also known as clit. It is like a button just above the urethra. It is the female counterpart of penis but it does not have an opening and cannot be used for urination. Did you know that other animals also have a clit? Some examples are the ostrich, spider monkeys and spotted hyena. Human clitoris is very sensitive as it contains lots of nerve endings. In fact, its main function is for women’s sexual pleasure.

Below the clitoris is the urethra. It is an opening and this is where females urinate. This is why urethra is not part of the female reproductive system but the urinary system.

Hymen comes next. Anatomy of the Vagina It is a very thin membrane just right at the opening of vagina. This is why it has been considered as proof of a woman’s virginity. It is thin and can be easily torn by intercourse, use of dildo or vibrators, and even by activities like sports.

Anatomy of the Vagina

Perineum, which was mentioned earlier, is another opening. Its main purpose is for childbirth. This stretch of skin reaches up to the anus.

Anatomy of Female Genitalia – The Inner Parts

The following are the inner parts of the female genital:

Vaginal canal
Fallopian tubes
The vaginal canal is the passage for penis during sex. It leads up to the cervix. What’s interesting about vaginal canal is that it can contract and expand during intercourse or labor. This is why some women can take in an enormous penis easily. Plus, there are glands that excrete fluids serving as lubricants whenever there is sexual arousal.

The uterus is also known as womb. This is where females keep fetus during pregnancy. The uterus has fallopian tubes on both sides. This is where ova or egg cells, which come from the ovaries, are fertilized. The ovaries are also the part of the female genitals that take care of estrogen and progesterone hormones.

The female genitals are a complex system that functions both for copulation and reproduction. Understanding the parts can help a man know how to please a woman in bed. In addition, you can better understand the anatomy of female reproduction system can help you understand how they give birth or can be useful in your next Anatomy test.

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