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Aphrodisiacs: The Libido Enhancers

The Libido Enhancers

Did you know that what you eat affects your sexual urges? There is food called aphrodisiac or enhancer of libido. Aside from being a libido enhancer, they are also believed to help people improve their ability to have sex. What’s great is that most aphrodisiacs are nutritious and taste good.

Discovery of Aphrodisiacs

Ancient people use herbs and various plants as sexual stimulant or for male enhancement. Love potions are also very common decades ago. They are used to entice another person to have sexual engagement. This suggests that plants or food have the natural ability to help people with their sexual drive.

Spices as Aphrodisiac

Spices are loved all over the world. They are often used as flavoring and preservatives. However, it was discovered that spices have another use. They can enhance libido.

Chilies are hot. This sensation can be brought by nerves to the brain that would signal a sexual urge. It can also cause faster heartbeat temporarily.

Chocolate – An Aphrodisiac

You can rely on sweets, too. Chocolates are a known sex booster. In fact, people before love to have cocoa drinks before having sex.

Ginseng – Another Aphrodisiac

Ginseng resembles a human body. It is one of the plants that provoked people to think that food resembling body or sexual organs are likely to enhance libido. Ginseng is typically used as an ingredient in many natural male enhancement products. You can always rely on it if you want to strengthen your body and enhance your libido.

Banana Resembles Penis

If ginseng resembles a human body, banana resembles penis. Banana contains phosphorus. This nutrient is believed to develop and encourage interest in sexual intercourse.

Oyster Resembles Vagina

The Libido Enhancers

If men have banana, women have oysters. Look closely at oysters and you will realize that they resemble a vagina. Eating oysters stimulate sexual drive. Plus, it is also an energy enhancer.

Tomatoes as Libido Enhancer

While tomato does not resemble a sexual organ or the human body, it has lycopene that’s believed to generate sensation that incites sexual drive.

Sex is a big part of people’s lives. For pleasure or reproduction, people enjoy having sex. If you think you are losing your sexual desires, you may consider eating one of these aphrodisiacs. Most of them have vitamins and nutrients that help nourish your body. Some can even make you stronger or energize you so you are ready for any action. Plus, they will boost your libido helping you save a few bucks because you will no longer need to buy an expensive libido enhancer.

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