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Avoid These Techniques

Avoid These Techniques

Many men are concerned about the size of their penis. The length is usually a big deal for most men. This is why it is not surprising for some men to seek for ways to increase its size. Unfortunately, some techniques to enhance penis length are not effective. Worse, others are not safe.

There are studies on penis enlargement that have been conducted in the past. Some showed that most men are not satisfied with the length of their baloney pony or their sexual performance. Most of them are interested in penis enhancement to improve its firmness when erect. However, most of them do not consider going to the doctor to discuss their problem.

Dissatisfied With the Size

According to numerous studies, a lot of men are not satisfied with the size of their penis. Many of them believe that it is not large enough for them to satisfy their partner. As a result, most of them are not confident to make love.

What’s worse is this lack of confidence causes softer erection. In the end, these men feel that they are inadequate affecting how they perceive themselves in the relationship.

When a man feels that they are inadequate, they tend to have a less desire for sex. For women, they feel that they are sexually rejected. This sexual issue can easily turn into misunderstandings, fight and, worst, breakup.

You Can Improve Penis Size

There are many male enhancement products and programs. Most of them are designed to improve the size of your penis. In fact, the adult entertainment industry is filled with ads about these techniques. Some of the most common are taking pills. Others apply creams or spray to enhance their penis size. What’s interesting is that some products are supported by scientific data while others are just outrageous. So how can you know if a technique is scientifically proven to be effective or not?

Outrageous Ways to Make Penis Longer

To help the men who are not satisfied with their penis size, enumerated below are some techniques that are outrageous and just don’t work. Avoid the following:

Enlargement creams
Penis pumps
Workout using weights
Male enhancement pills
Enlargement creams are very popular because the advertising teams have been doing their job very well for the past years. How many times did you see ads saying that a cream, with regular use, can enlarge your penis? There have been scientific studies that prove no connection between topical treatments and penis enlargement. These creams may improve blood flow, which is important if you are after a firmer erection, but there is nothing that they can do to actually enhance the size.

Like creams, male enhancement pills are also very common. However, more than 90 percent of them do not work.

Avoid These Techniques

Penis pumps are also very common. It uses vacuum technology to draw blood to the tissues. Again, it only helps if you want better erection but it cannot help to actually grow your chopper bigger. Moreover, there is no scientific evidence for its effectiveness but there are some men who lost their ability to get erection after using penis pumps for months.

Using weights is outrageous. Typically, you just have to hang weights from your ding dong mcdork with the goal to stretch and make it longer. This one has been practiced for centuries; since ancient times. While it works (yes, your penis will be longer), it will also be thinner which is a problem since a number of women prefers girth more than length. This is because weights just stretch the tissues when in fact you need to make the tissues bigger my having more cells. Overtime, it can just lead to tissue damage which means bigger problem.

Surgery is the least you want to consider if you want a longer penis. The surgeon will take body fat from other parts of your body and will transfer it to your penis to make it longer. Do not consider a surgery. It is expensive and there is a risk for complications. Plus, it is prone to scarring. Misshaped penis is a common disadvantage for this technique, too. Most surgeons recommend it only if you want to improve girth and not length.

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