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A Bigger Base or a Bigger Head?

A Bigger Base or a Bigger Head?

Does the size matter? For most people it does. Many believe that women prefer a long, large penis. It is not surprising why lots of men are looking for a way to make their penis bigger. With the increase in demand comes the increase in supply. One can find a wide variety of male enhancement products and kits that can help a man make his penis bigger these days. Some of them promise a longer shaft. Others claim to enlarge the head. Which is better: a bigger head or a bigger base? Others say it does not matter.

Reasons for Penis Enlargement

The male enhancement industry is in boom right now. A lot of men use penis enlargement products regularly to ensure that they make their partners happy in bed. Some simply want to boost their self-esteem due to bullying and embarrassment for having a small penis.

Whatever your reason for patronizing all natural male enhancement products, it boils down to one goal – to find the effective product and actually have a bigger penis. No one would want to waste money on these products and time on using them so every man wants to ensure they find the right product.

Ways to Make It Bigger

The industry is filled with various products that promise to make a guy’s penis larger. The challenge is to find that male enhancement product There are exercises or toys that can enhance its size. There are pills and other supplements to help with the size and ensuring sexual satisfaction.

Do Women Really Prefer a Bigger Penis?

In contrary to popular belief, not all women prefer a bigger penis. There are women who like an average-sized penis better. This is because an extremely big organ can be painful for them. Of course, it is not a problem for men who have a large penis but knows how to handle a woman in bed. This just means that it is not all about the size. Performance matters, too. It is not all about the bam and slam. You should also learn how to properly please your partner in bed.

A Bigger Base or a Bigger Head?

What Should Go Bigger?

Not just because some women prefer an average size does not mean you can eliminate the idea that a bigger penis is better. Plus, there is this constant debate about which is better: a bigger base or head. Most people say that a bigger head is better. It may be true or may be not.

Some, especially women, say that a bigger base is preferable. While a penis with a bigger head might look better, a bigger base gives pleasure better. A bigger base can brush the clitoris without much effort during intercourse.

On the other hand, some people just do not care about the size. There are couples where pleasure matters more than the size. In fact, you may have an average size penis that seems to be too big for your partner’s vagina.

With various experiences and different preferences, it seems that the debate on which is better – a bigger head or base – will not end soon. Plus, there are women who just do not care about the size or whether you use male enhancement products as long as you know how to please them in bed.

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