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Briefs Vs. Boxer Shorts

Briefs Vs. Boxer Shorts

Briefs Vs. Boxer ShortsThere have been many changes in men’s underwear fashion-wise since designers started reinventing briefs and boxer shorts.

Size and Fit

While both boxers and briefs are underpants, they differ when it comes to size and fit. Briefs are smaller. They fit perfectly to your body. On the contrary, Briefs Vs. Boxer Shorts boxer shorts are loose and buggy. Interestingly, men differ on their preferences when it comes to men’s underwear. Some men even wear both briefs and boxers at the same time.

Yes to Briefs, No to Boxers

Briefs are the traditional underwear for males. Many also believed that briefs are sexier because they define your figure. It is easy to picture what is behind the fabric. They also find boxer shorts annoying especially when they have to wear fitted pants. Plus, boxer shorts don’t give as much support as briefs can.

Briefs Vs. Boxer Shorts

Yes to Boxer Shorts, No to Briefs

Some men prefer boxer shorts over briefs. While briefs are the traditional underwear for men, boxers are more traditional because it is bigger; it covers more. Fortunately, many designers were able to find a way to reinvent boxer shorts. They now come in various designs. For those who do not like fitted underwear, boxer shorts are definitely an option.

Effects to Fertility

It is believed that the type of underwear a man wears has effects to his fertility. Some experts say that briefs warms up the boys because it is tight. It prevents the penis from moving and generates heat. Constant and too much heat can cause infertility so men, despite their preference towards briefs, would wear boxer shorts. Boxer shorts allow penis to move freely, which is believed to help with erection. Boxers also allow blood to flow. However, some men still prefer the traditional underwear. After all, there is no scientific proof that it can reduce fertility among men.

Briefs Vs. Boxer Shorts

Briefs Vs. Boxer ShortsMany studies were conducted about fertility and sperm sterilization. Most of them indicate that a sudden increase in temperature particularly in the testes can cause sperm sterilization. The testicles are like the ovary of women. This is what produces sperm cells. Studies show that too much heat definitely destroys some of the sperm cells. When this continues, a man may suffer infertility.

There is an experiment where some participants were asked to wear briefs while the others wear boxer shorts. According to the results, the claim against briefs causing infertility is not true and exaggerated. Briefs may generate more heat that boxers but it is not enough to disrupt the men’s reproductive organs. To put it simply, wearing briefs or boxer shorts will have no effects to fertility.

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