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Can my body shape really dictate my penis size?

dictate my penis size

A lot of people believe that having big feet equates to having a big penis. Can your body shape or height really dictate the size of your penis?

According to studies, the size of your penis matches your height. About 3,300 Italian men participated in a study. The results show that taller participants have a larger penis. In another but relevant study, the results show that men with a height of lower than 5’8” have shorter penis than those who are at least 6-ft tall. However, there are exceptions so do not worry if you are short but have a gigantic member.

If you do have a small penises, there are many ways to make it bigger or at least make it look bigger. For instance, you can trim the hair down there. Pubic hair tends to grow about 3.5 centimeters. Obviously, your pubic hair might have been covering a few centimeters of your penis so if you could trim or shave them would be a great inexpensive way to add length.

While you do not have any control over your height, you definitely have the power to gain or lose weight anytime you want. Your body can also make an illusion that your penis is bigger (or smaller). If you are fat, your lower abdomen and thighs could overpower your old boy making it look smaller. When you lose weight, you will see that your penis will look bigger and you will be more confident to be naked in front of a woman.

You can also do penis exercises. You can do kegels. Women do it to tighten the vaginal canal. You can use it to improve penis size. It also strengthens your pelvic muscles and improves your staying power. Another option is jelqing. It is a penis exercise program that lasts only eight minutes. There are 34 routines which are mostly about stretching your penis through milking motion, which increases the blood flow in the area. Stimulating the cells in your penis encourages them to duplicate so more blood can be contained during erection.

You can also buy penis extenders. You will have to take your wallet out for this one but it will be worth it. Just look for a company that offers a money back guarantee if you are scared to spend for something that you are unsure if will work.

dictate my penis size

A penis extender is a device that uses traction, which is also used in orthopedic surgery. It must be work for a couple of hours daily for months. Its main purpose is to make the cells go away from each other to make room for duplication. More cells means more blood capacity resulting to a bigger erect penis. Aside from money back guarantee, you should also look for clinical studies that support the claims of penis extenders like Size Genetics.

Note that not all penis extenders are the same. While they work similarly, they differ in other things like the materials used. Look for a penis extender that is made up of medical grade materials, supported by a clinical study, comes with a money back guarantee and one that is comfortable for most users.

See? Even if you are shorter than other men and unfortunate to have a small penis, you can increase its penis size with any of these methods. Stop blaming your genetics and do something to make up for what you lack.

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