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Can Diet Affect Penis Size?

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Can Diet Affect Penis Size?Food is everything. It is our source of nutrients that we need every day. It gives us the right substances Can Diet Affect Penis Size? like protein and vitamins. It is the main factor that determines our body’s health. This is why most people say “You are what you eat.” If you have a healthy diet, you will most likely be healthy. But can diet affect your penis size?

Interestingly, almost everything we do affects how our body looks. We can engage in sports so we will have a toned body. We wear pants that might obstruct the spermatogenesis. But do we eat food that can shorten our penis or hinder its growth?

There is no scientific proof that food or diet can affect the size of a man’s penis. However, many types of food were proven to be effective in increasing blood flow, which can make the penis appear longer and can help you get a harder erection.

Can Diet Affect Penis Size?

Foods that can help blood flow have substances that are known as vasodilators. Can Diet Affect Penis Size They relax the muscles that make up the blood vessel’s walls. You can get vasodilators from tuna and salmon. Other good sources are poultry products like milk and eggs. Vegetables like broccoli, sweet potatoes and carrots can also give you some vasodilators.

Note that these foods don’t have scientific proof on increasing the size of your penis but they are guaranteed to help encourage blood flow in different parts of your body perfect shape including your penis. Thus, you can rely on them if you want a bigger erect penis.

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