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Can Exercise Increase Your Penis Size?

Increase Your Penis Size

Some myths are flying around the body building industry – myths about how some exercises can increase your penis size. In particular, deadlifts and squats are rumored to increase levels of testosterone and human growth hormone as well as penis size. Is it true?

Why Are There Myths Like This?

It is easy to tell why myths like exercises can increase your penis size are surfacing. There are many treatments for increasing penis size in the market these days. Some products even claim that they can help you grow your penis longer by boosting your body’s HGH and testosterone levels.

What Is HGH?

Do you know what HGH does? With higher HGH levels, your body will simply be able to replenish your cells. Their growth is also faster. Most people believe that HGH can do the same when it comes to the cells in their penis. If you want the workout route, physical fitness experts suggest squats and deadlifts.

What Do You Get from Exercise?

Exercising will not do any harm. In fact, regular workout can improve your cardio and stamina. However, it is not advisable for increasing penis size. Why? Because the hormone levels don’t work as simple as most people think. It is better if you will use devices like a penis extender.

What Are Penis Extenders?

Penis extenders are devices that apply traction to your corpora cavernosa, a part of your meat stick. They are like tubes and they are responsible for holding blood for you to have an erection. The traction makes the cells break away for natural duplication. With more cells, you will have the ability to hold more blood which means a bigger erect penis.

Increase Your Penis Size

Aside from harder erections, penis extenders can also reduce premature ejaculation. It can also help you avoid penile curvatures.

Most importantly, penis extenders can make get you a longer penis. A clinical study required 18 men to wear penis extenders for four to eight hours every day for six months. Their penis grew 2.8 cm more when erect and additional 1.9 cm when in flaccid state. The results then lasted for months after the study.

Penis extenders along with exercise are definitely your best bet if you want to make your penis longer. However, there are dozens of penis extenders out there so make sure that you get one that is supported by a clinical study and not just any generic studies. Look for guarantee, too. Lastly, check if the materials used are medical grade to make sure that you will comfortable wearing it for hours daily.

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