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Can medications cause Peyronie’s disease?

Peyronie’s disease

Can medications cause Peyronie’s disease?Medications taken within a long period is the least risk factor associated with the Peyronie’s, a disease characterized by an unusual bending of the male organ. There are various drugs from different classes that are associated with the development of the disease. In fact, they are used to treat various disorders. While a connection has been established between drugs and the Peyronie’s disease, the chance of developing the disease is very low. Plus, there is no absolute evidence that the drugs cause the condition.

Drugs Linked to Peyronie’s

While there is no clear evidence that these drugs cause the disease, their role is still considered important. Among the drugs that can cause Peyronie’s as a side effect are Cerebryx, Dilantin, Interferon and Peganone. Beta blockers, Peyronie’s disease, Mesantoin, and Phenytoin also have effects that are similar to the characteristics of Peyronie’s disease.

Most of these drugs are used to treat health conditions that involve the heart and blood pressure. Interferon is used for treating multiple sclerosis while phenytoin is a medication for seizures.

Can medications cause Peyronie’s disease?

While there is a connection, experts assure that the chance to develop Peyronie’s disease due to these drugs is very low. Make sure that you consult your doctor and discuss your concerns if you were prescribed to take one of these drugs.

How Drugs Cause Peyronie’s

Peyronie’s disease

JesExtenderNow that you know which drugs are associated to the development of Peyronie’s disease, you may be asking how they can lead to a penile health problem. As a matter of fact, there are numerous theories about this. Some believe that one of the substances in these medications is the real cause of Peyronie’s. After all, exposure to substances or chemicals may actually cause a condition.

Nonetheless, there is nothing to worry about because Peyronie’s take time to develop so don’t hesitate to follow the doctor if he prescribes one of these medicines. Plus, Peyronie’s is a chronic disease and heals over time even when no treatment is used. You should also know that health experts are pointing more to injury and trauma as the cause of said condition.

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