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Causes and History of the Disease

Peyronie’s disease is a very old condition. It has been known for centuries. In fact, the first treatment was introduced in 1740s. While it is recognized for so long, it is not openly discussed like other conditions such as erectile dysfunction. Centuries after, we are still in an era where almost everyone frowns about intimate diseases so it is not surprising that no one wants to discuss such topic. In addition, most men are ashamed to admit (even to themselves) that they are impotence or they suffer from a condition that prevents them from having sex.

The Peyronie’s disease was first described by Cesare Aranzi in the 1560s but the first clinical report was made by Francois Gigot de la Peyronie only in the 1740s. De la Peyronie is a surgeon and among the founders of France’s Royal Academy of Surgery. He worked on penile curvature and made the first modern approach. Unfortunately, there is still no development in his report made back in 1743. Today’s medical field still does not have any clear explanation on the causes of Peyronie’s disease.

Most doctors today agree with Peyronie although many aspects of his clinical report are not yet proven. Nonetheless, the medical experts believe Peyronie’s research that the condition is caused by microvascular trauma that men’s reproductive organ gets during intercourse. Men’s babymakers have a layer called tunica albuginea. It does not have plenty of blood vessels so ruptured tissues will need a lot of time to heal. Repeated injuries to the said layer further slow down the natural healing process. Because of this, plaque or protein made of fibrin may form in this layer.

It is not a fatal or acute condition but it can cause blood clots. In addition, the plaque prevents the natural expansion of tissues when penis goes to an erect state. This causes the unusual bending of the penis.

De la Peyronie also claimed genetic factors. Men who have genetics that contribute to faster accumulation of fibrin are more prone to suffer from the disease.

Peyronie’s disease is a chronic type of condition and currently considered rare affecting only one out of 10 men. This is also why only a few professionals are interested to study the said penile disease, understand the causes better, and find a cure.