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Cleanliness and Circumcision

Talking about circumcision is much like discussing politics or religion. People would have different opinions on what is good and bad; right and wrong. What’s worse is that people are usually not open to evidence. Nothing basically could change their position on the subject. I’ve heard family and friends talk about circumcision. Some prefer it while others think men are better when uncircumcised. I realized that what I can only do is to provide information about the matter.

Statistics Don’t Lie

In 1975, more than 90 percent of American male infants were circumcised, a process where the foreskin on their penis is removed surgically. It is done right after their birth. However, movements calling for a stop of such medical practice emerged. They can be considered successful because circumcision of infant males dropped to around 60 percent by 1990. Note that infant males circumcised due to their religious beliefs were not included.

However, circumcision is done not only because it is a tradition in your religion. Circumcision is encouraged to ensure cleanliness. Many would agree that it is a lot easier to wash if the John is circumcised.

The foreskin is prone to infection. In fact, about 14 percent of uncircumcised boys in the country experienced infection and inflammation. More uncircumcised boys than those who are circumcised also suffered from inflammation of the balanitis. Circumcision is also believed to reduce the chances of urinary tract infection. One out of 100 uncircumcised boys is likely to develop the said infection in his first year. On the other hand, only one out of 1000 circumcised male are at risk of getting the same infection.

Hygiene and Cleaning

The foreskin, which is removed in circumcision, needs to be cleaned properly daily if it will not be removed if you prefer to keep your son uncircumcised. This is why most parents prefer to have their infant son circumcised. If foreskin is removed, there will be less cleaning tasks yet rest assured that there is a lower risk for infections.

In case a boy still has his foreskin, cleaning must be done properly. The male organ must be moved up and down to clean the covered parts. It will help avoid odors, material buildup, and infection.

On Sexuality

There is a connection between circumcision and sexuality, too. Most women prefer a man whose penis is circumcised. It would cause less friction during sex.

In addition, some men find it hard to get a condom that would fit with an uncircumcised penis. This becomes a problem particularly in sex out of marriage as some women would not agree to engage in unprotected sex.

Nonetheless, there is no difference when it comes to sexual pleasure for men regardless whether they are circumcised or not. It is just about your personal taste.