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Are All Penis Extenders The Same?

Penis Extenders

Life could have been easier if all penis extenders are the same. Unfortunately, this is not the case. You can compare the best penis extenders online and you will find out that they differ on how they enhance the male organ.

How a Penis Extender Works

Normally, penis extenders are designed to apply traction to the penis’ corpora cavernosa. The traction will cause the cells to break and duplicate. Having more cells means more blood that the penis can hold. This is why a penis extender can lengthen your bishop by inches. It can also help you with the following:

achieve harder erections

decrease penile curvatures

and reduce premature ejaculation

How Penis Extenders Differ

While penis extenders have the same goal and are the same on how they work, they differ in some ways. For instance, these penis extenders differ on the materials. It could be a slight difference but it could determine whether or not you will be comfortable using the device.

How to Find the Best Extender

So, you want to buy a penis extender? It should be easy now that you know penis extenders are not the same.

If you are looking for the best penis extenders, the SizeGenetics is one of the best options. It is made up of medical type 1 materials. This helps ensure that you will not feel any discomfort even if you wear it the entire day.

It also has a strap and a noose. The noose focuses on the head while the strap distributes traction to the entire penis. Unfortunately, most penis extenders offer either of the two. Size Genetics offer the same so users can choose which is more comfortable for them.

In addition, Size Genetics offer multi-directional angling recognizing that every penis straight. For some, extenders without MDA can be uncomfortable to wear. Moreover, most penis extenders offer 4 ways to ensure comfort through Comfort Technology but Size Genetics offer 16 ways to wear the device. Users can choose the most convenient for them by attaching or removing one of the following:


silicon noose

protection pad

head grip (fabric covered by latex)

non-slip matt strap

Check Clinical Studies and Guarantee

Penis Extenders

Aside from the material and comfort features, you should also check the clinical studies and guarantee when choosing a penis extender. Most penis extenders were clinically tested. Many were proven to be effective in adding inches to your penis. In fact, a study proved a penis extender to have added 1.9 cm to a flaccid penis and 2.8 cm to the same but erect penis. This was achieved after wearing the device for four to eight hours in six months. Look for a proof such as a clinical study that can prove the device’s effectiveness.

You should also check if the manufacturer offers guarantee. It shows the manufacturer’s confidence about its product. If the manufacturer claims the device can improve your broomstick’s length in six months then there should be 6-month guarantee. If it doesn’t work over that period, you can rest assured that you did not waste your money because you can return the device and get a refund.

There are absolutely many penis extenders available online but know that they are not the same. Some work better than the others and it is for you to check which one is the best by checking the materials, comfort features, proof that it works such as clinical studies, and guarantee showing the manufacturer’s confidence on the product.

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