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Penis Size and a Man’s Ego

The penis is no doubt the man’s most important sexual part

Penis Size and a Man's Ego

Penis Size and a Man’s EgoMan and sex are words that get along well. Even the most conservative man knows a thing or two about sex. Men are known to be dominant even in today’s modern world. Sex boosts their ego. In fact, it is a major factor for a man’s ego.

The penis is no doubt the man’s most important sexual part. It is the primary tool for making love with a woman. This is why some men are putting their effort, time and money in making it bigger.

Given that not all men are well-endowed the same as not all women have big breasts, it is normal for people to have that idea of the ideal and average size of penis. Not reaching the mark, most men would run back and forth searching for penis enlargement products, which is not hard to find these days. In fact, some men who are around the average would still want to use male enhancement products.

What determines the size of your penis? Anatomy suggests that genetics is a big factor. Some feel that they have a penis that’s too small. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve the size of your penis some of the best being traction devices, exercises and surgeries. Creams and pills currently do not have scientific proof behind them although some pills can help with blood flow, thus, improving the size during erection.

Penis Size and a Man's Ego

Penis Size and a Man’s Ego

Penis size is definitely a great factor when it comes to a man’s ego. Men who think they are way below the average size would usually deviate from sex talks, avoid going to the beach, etc. Their ego is washed up especially when people know they have a small penis.

Penis Size and a Man’s EgoIt is not surprising if a man’s ego is as big (or small) as his penis. We usually see men with a huge penis getting all the pretty ladies and become the center of sex-related girl talks. Realistic big penis attracts women although it is not the end of the world if you have a tiny lap rocket. A study showed that a small penis still has the capacity to sexually satisfy a woman.

However, since the size of a man’s penis affects his ego there are chances that he may not fulfill his sexual and procreation responsibilities so well knowing that he has something that’s not even near the average. Some men who are embarrassed with the size of their penis lose interest in sex and their partners tend to be dissatisfied.

To put it simply, the size of penis is a very important factor to men’s ego. It may sound so physical but it has psychological effects, which can be negative or positive depending on the penis size. No one can deny the fact that size matters.

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