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Penis Size: Are you for Length or Girth?

Penis Size: Are you for Length or Girth?

Penis Size: Are you for Length or Girth

Penis Size: Are you for Length or Girth?Have you tried to get a ruler and measure your penis? Only a few men would want to know the exact length of their penis. Normally, Are you for Length or Girth it is easy to say if you’ve got a big or small member just by looking but you would have to literally measure your penis especially if you plan on using a male enlargement method. How would you know it works if you wouldn’t?

Average Size of Penis

Take a look at history books and you might spot accounts of writers, poets, artists and philosophers who tried to determine the average size of penis. Art alone has plenty of exaggerated examples of the main male reproductive organ. It has been believed for centuries that the penis reflects the man’s sexual power. Bigger is believed to be better but have size always mattered?

Men are somewhat equally obsessed to enlarging their penis as women preoccupy themselves by enlarging their breasts. This explains why the penis enlargement industry is booming. There are lots of creams, pills, and devices. There are even several types of surgeries for enlarging the member. Read this before you try one of them: Twelve inches is not the average size of penis.

Penis Size: Are you for Length or Girth

Penis Size: Are you for Length or Girth?

Studies show that the actual average length of penis is between 5.5 to 6.4 inches. Twelve inches is ridiculous. For girth, 4.7 to 5.2 inches are the

Body Parts Give a Clue How Long Your Penis Is

There is a myth that must be put to rest and this is it. Your penis length is in no way proportional to your height, feet, hands, arms, etc. This is because penis doesn’t have any bones. There is no truth in beliefs that a tall man has a big penis or a short man has a small penis.

Women: Size Matters

Penis Size: Are you for Length or Girth?Not all but for most women, size definitely does matter. Some will try to console you saying that size does not matter and it is how you use it that does. Shut up. Most women love an average length and a full or thick penis. It gives them better sexual experience and allows for more intense orgasms. A long penis can stimulate the G-spot, which existence is still under debate, while a thick penis can stimulate the nerves at the vaginal opening.

Whether size matters or not is not the only issue here. Some women debate on what is more important – length or girth? Kim (not her full name) said she likes a man with a “meatier” penis referring to one that is fuller or thicker Are you for Length or Girth. Like a lot of women, she is after the stimulation of the nerves at the vaginal opening. Plus, a thick penis can stretch the vaginal walls. However, Kim shared that there is significant importance given to penis (and its size) that most men forget that a satisfactory lovemaking also involves a skill and passion.

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