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Reasons for the Increase or Decrease of Sperm Production

Reasons for the Increase or Decrease of Sperm Production

Increase or Decrease of Sperm Production

Reasons for the Increase or Decrease of Sperm Production Women are born with all their egg cells that they will need. Production stops once they are born or menopause Decrease of Sperm Production. On the other hand, men produce sperm cells every day. You may think that there is nothing to worry about but your daily activities can affect – decrease or stop – your sperm production. If there is a problem with sperm production, conception becomes hard to impossible. Problem with sperm count is the common problem so take time knowing what could increase or decrease sperm production.

The factors that can affect sperm count and quality are as follows:

Sperm mobility
Abnormalities in any of these factors can affect sperm production and lower the chance of conception for your partner.

Reasons for the Increase or Decrease of Sperm Production

Sperm mobility refers to the ability of sperm to move in a dynamic fashion. It is considered that 50 percent of your sperms are healthy if 25 percent of them vehemently move towards one direction. The logic is that a lot of your sperms can travel through the vaginal and cervical canal.

Increase or Decrease of Sperm Production

The concentration refers to the number of sperm cells for every milliliter of semen. The normal or average concentration is around 22 million sperm cells per milliliter of semen.

Next is morphology. A sperm cell bears a resemblance to a tadpole. It has an oval head that holds all the genetic material. The head’s center provides the energy. It also has a tail that thrusts the cell forward. If the sperm is oddly shaped, it will have a hard time traveling and experts believe that they are not capable of fertilization.

Speed also affects the quality of your sperm production. According to the World Health Organization, over 25 percent of sperm in a healthy male will show progressive mobility. They have the best chance of infiltrating the egg’s protective layers and finally fertilizing the egg cell.

Reasons for the Increase or Decrease of Sperm ProductionNext, sperm count refers to the number of sperms in the ejaculated fluid. It is different from concentration where the volume of semen is considered. With the sperm count, the number of sperms per ejaculation is what’s determined. A normal ejaculation will have more than 50 million sperms. If you have sperm count that’s less than 40 million, it means a decreased chance of fertility

Lastly, subfertility refers to the inability to reach conception after a year of doing unprotected sex. Some may mistake it for infertility but there are differences. Subfertility in males may be caused by problems with sperm production or sperm quality, obstruction in the sperm’s delivery system, testicle injury, abnormal hormone production, past illnesses, varicocele and medications for other diseases.However, Reasons for the Increase this is different from infertility

If the amount of ejaculated fluid is your problem, men have passed a technique from a generation to another. One technique is taking herbal supplements with amino acids and zinc. Amino acid can help with sperm count but zinc is also believed to improve sperm quality. Another technique is doing pubococcygeus muscle or kegel exercises. The said muscle controls urination and ejaculation.

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