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Size genetics

Sure, there are other male enhancements systems are out there, but Size Genetics provides a non-surgical alternative, which is both cheap and safe, but most importantly highly effective.

The penis extender not only adds inches to your penis, it also fixes the curvature, helps you control ejaculation with special techniques, and offers free rapid delivery. Talk about a great deal, Size Genetics has it all.

“SizeGenetics is clearly the Most Powerful Penis Enlargement Device On The Market.”

Penis Enlargement is Proven on UK’s Channels 4, using SIZEGENETICS
My SizeGenetics Review

Size Genetics penis extender is truly a magical product; I’ve been having problems with my penis size since my early teens, and couldn’t figure out how I could make it bigger.

I’ve tried everything from certain exercises, to penis pumps, and some male enhancements pills and nothing seemed to work quite well. I would get temporary results, but nothing permanent. I was considering surgery. But after my friend told me about Size Genetics, I decided to give one last thing a try.

I placed the order and went for the full package which came with an instructional DVD, Ultimate tension levels, a cool travel and leather case, and a bunch of other extras and gadgets.

I was amazed at the easiness of use, and how comfortable this penis enlarger really was. I just slipped it on, and since it has a 16 way comfort strap system, with multi-directional angling technology, it almost felt as if nothing was there.

I continued using the product for 5 months, and was seeing great results. By the 6th month my penis grew almost 2 inches in size, and girth. And those instructional DVDs have really spiced up my sex life.
My SizeGenetics Ratings


The Size Genetics unique 16 way comfort strap with multi directional angling technology really makes it the most comfortable Penis Extender on the market. It makes it easy to move around, sit and stand, and perform daily activities with complete ease.


The Size genetics Penis extender is a really cool looking device, it almost looks like some futuristic gadget, and it is so easy to put together that anybody can do it.


Size genetics really gives you your money’s worth, without putting a dent in your pocket. The best thing is it gives you options and prices to choose from accordingly. But for the price it throws in so many gadgets, videos, and extras that you get well over what you pay for.


SizeGenetics penis extender outshines all of its competitors in its effectiveness. It is the leading penis enlarger in the market, and has 16 years of exposure in the market. It is medically certified and guaranteed to work. Size genetics not only adds inches to your penis, but it will eliminate any curvature as well.

SizeGenetics Advertising Claims

Size Genetics Penis enlarger can help add inches to your penis. It is the penis extender most recommended by surgeons and doctors. Free exercises come with the product to help you strengthen your erections, giving you bigger, longer and harder erections than you’ve ever imagined.

Size genetics is also designed to help correct penis curvature problems, and comes with instructional exercises to help control your ejaculations. Results are guaranteed to give you confidence and high self-esteem. And if you are not fully satisfied, Size genetics penis extender comes with a 6 month money back guarantee.

SizeGenetics In the Press

Size genetics penis enlarger has been regularly featured on TV and in magazines, including major television networks like BBC and the highly respected GQ men’s magazine.

SizeGenetics on BBC’s “Friday Night Show, with Jonathan Ross”

It was featured in the May 2008 issue of GQ magazine, when a writer decided to give it a try for 4 months, and gained about half an inche in penis length. They made claims that it was a legitimate Penis extender and something rather special.


One of the major pros of the product is that it has Multi Directional Angling technology which makes it very comfortable to have on for long periods of time, especially when walking around and moving. It is also medically certified, which makes it very trustworthy and reliable.


It takes a while to get used to having something on your penis, but after a while you get completely used to it, and it feels like nothing is there

SizeGenetics Product Packages

Size genetics

The Size genetics penis extender is available in 3 options of packages to choose from, varying in price and what is included in it.

Option #1:

The SizeGenetics Ultimate System includes the Penis extender device, with ultimate device tension levels, an instructional DVD, Size Genetics Luxury leather case, a travel case, a revita cream moisturizer, traction plus powder, a Penis Health enhancement exercise DVD, LoveCentria sexual improvement DVD’s, and Seduction Secrets and Better Fitness EBooks. All this for only $398.95

Option #2:

The Size Genetics Device Only package comes with the penis extender, a leather box, 16 way comfort technology, and instructional DVD for only $349.00

Option #3:

The Size genetics Starter Edition is simply the penis enlargement device along with an instructional DVD and priced at only $199.95.

SizeGenetics also accepts certain coupon codes, which can give you a discount of up to $50 on the products.

$50 off the SizeGenetics system

Discount Code: ECON8

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