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The ABCs of Penis Stretching

The ABCs of penis stretching Penis stretching is not new but it used to be not discussed in public or in writing. The ABCs of Penis Stretching At present, you can find lots of information about penis enlargement including products such as penis pills and penis devices. Of course, penis stretching is another popular way to make a penis bigger.

The ABCs of Penis Stretching

Basically, penis stretching is exercise for the penis with the ultimate goal to lengthen it. It can be done by hand or using device, equipment or machines. It is very similar to exercises you do at the gym for your arms and legs. A very popular device that can assist with penis stretching is penis extender, which uses traction force.

Penis stretching goal is to force the cells and tissues to rebuild and expand. These spongy tissue chambers are called corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum. Stretching can also lengthen the ligaments in the penis.

Stretching of ligaments has been practiced by the Padaung Tribe of Myanmar for years. They are called the Giraffe Women because they are known for their long neck. At a young age, they will start wrapping metal coils around the neck. They will add more after some time. In their 20s, they will have a neck that’s at least 10 inches long.

The ABCs of Penis Stretching

Penis stretching works based on the theory that doing something to any living tissue will cause a reaction by that tissue. Tissues are adaptive and change automatically when challenged. Holding and stretching The penis in a certain fashion can cause generation of new tissues that lead to elongated penis and a better cross sectional measurement (i.e. girth or circumference).

There are several ways to stretch your penis. Jelqing, milking and pumping are just some of the most common traditional penile lengthening exercises. Conventional techniques include the use of penis stretching devices or also known as penis extender.

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