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The ABCs of The Penis Curves

The ABCs of the penis curves Penis curves can be a problem. Penile curvature is a common characteristic of a penis condition. The ABCs of The Penis Curves It can be problematic as it can prevent a man from having sex.

It is estimated that one to three percent of men suffer from extreme curved penis. It is not as common as erectile dysfunction but its effects are alarming.

The ABCs of The Penis Curves

A curve or curvature is also referred to as bend. It happens due to scar tissue. Note that slight curves almost don’t have scar tissue.

Naturally, penises are slightly bent so how would you know if it is something to worry about? It is easy to distinguish a normal from abnormal bend. You can easily spot if your penis curve by getting an erection. You have an abnormal bend if penis narrows with erection, erection is painful, and penetration during intercourse is difficult or painful.

Penile curvatures usually go upward but it could also bend downward or towards one side. There are cases of double curvatures where scar tissues are found near the base and head. Thus, the penis starts to look like an hour glass. The curvature is usually noticeable only during erection because the scar tissue does not stretch unlike the rest of the penis. The area where the scar tissue is also tends to have less skin.

The ABCs of The Penis Curves

There are many factors contributing to bent penis. Some curvatures are inborn or congenital. It may also be caused by trauma or injury. Sex-related accidents may cause internal ruptures. It may prevent a side of the penis from growing. The undamaged side will outgrow the damaged one causing the bend. Ill-fitted clothing can also contribute to the development of penile curvature. It is highly recommended for men to avoid wearing very tight underwear or pants. There are spontaneous erections. When one happens and you are wearing ill-fitted clothing, the tissues are restricted and immobilized. In addition, tight jeans or underwear may make the penis curve to one side. When blood flows during erection, it will flow better on one side while the other side becomes undernourished and deprived of oxygen. Sleeping on stomach may also cause penile curvature. There is no medical proof but reproductive specialists and sexologists recommend men to avoid sleeping on their stomach. It has compression effect on the penile blood vessels.

The ABCs of The Penis Curves

Penile curvature may also be due to conditions such as Peyronie’s disease, Dupuytren’s contracture, urethral stricture and hypospadias. Peyronie’s disease is a degenerative disease characterized by curvature that may impede sexual intercourse in later stages. Dupuytren’s disease, on the other hand, is characterized by cord-like thickening across the palm/s. Urethral stricture refers to the obstruction of urethra while hypospadias is a genetic penile and urethral abnormality.

The ABCs of The Penis CurvesPenis curve can develop when the two chambers (corpora cavernosa) develop at different rates through the years. The penis toward or will then bend toward the chamber that is slower to develop. There is no way to prevent it aside precautions mentioned above but there are available treatments.

Men with penile curvature look for treatments because it can be troublesome to have an erection, difficult to have intercourse or the curve simply does not look good. Traction based penis stretchers are the most common solution to curvature. They are adjustable and can be set to stretch the side of the penis with the scar tissue. It will soon match the normal side. The ABCs of The Penis Curves Creams with verapamil, which is a drug that blocks calcium channel, may also be recommended by doctors. In severe cases, a surgery may be needed.

If your penis is abnormally bent, you are not alone. There are many causes and it may be congenital. Avoiding ill-fitted clothes and sleeping on stomach are just some of the precautionary measures. If you already have the curvature, there are many treatments available including penis extenders, creams and surgery.

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