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The Big Truth: Does Penis Size Matter?

The Big Truth: Does Penis Size Matter? Most men admit that their penis size complex starts during their teenage years. Their locker room moments make them wonder if they are smaller. Little did they know that every penis sizes (small, medium and large) has advantages and disadvantages especially when it comes to sex. Let me share with you the advantages.

Small Penis – 3 to 4 Inches

The men with small penis have the best chance to hit the notorious G-spot, which is believed to be just three inches away from the opening of the vagina. Three to four inches penises will not have a problem satisfying a woman because it can hit the G-spot with ease.

Medium or Average Penis – 5 to 7 Inches

An average penis can easily stimulate the clitoris and G-spot when directed at the proper angle. In addition, every penis of average size is likely to have better girth than small penises. Better girth means better chances of stimulating the nerve endings near the vaginal entrance.

The Big Truth: Does Penis Size Matter?

Large Penis – 8 to 9 Inches

It is believed that a lot of women prefer a large penis but some are of them are also intimidated by them. Some are worried more than impressed. They worry if it would fit in or, worse, damage the female organ. There are women who reportedly experienced bruising, tearing or bleeding after penetration of a large penis.

What is the perfect penis size? The truth is there is no definite size that women prefer although the majority likes a large penis but there are some who are interested more on how you use it. Of course, this would not get rid of your worries regarding size. Fortunately, there are many options for penis enlargement for men who are unhappy with their size. Among these are using penis extenders, undergoing enlargement surgery, and doing penis enlargement exercises.

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