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The correct way to measure your penis

A lot of men love to measure their penis whether or not they are in a penis enlargement program. There is this satisfaction and wonderful feeling knowing that they are big but are they doing it right?

penis enlargement program

The correct way to measure your penis

If you are in a penis enlargement program (e.g. exercise) or using a penis enhancement product (e.g. pills or traction device), don’t measure your penis too often. Getting the length and girth once a month is enough. Measuring daily may make you think that nothing is happening because, of course, you will not gain an inch or two overnight unless if it is a surgery. Motivation is crucial in a lot of things including penis enlargement.

The correct way to measure your penis

In addition, measuring your penis is not as simple as placing a ruler beside it. You need to ensure that you are placing an end of the ruler at the same spot. The best way to ensure consistency is to press the ruler a bit to your pubic bone. Moreover, your member must be in the same state – flaccid, semi-erect or fully erect. It’s recommended to get a measurement of your flaccid and your erect penis. measure your penis You should also measure your penis every month with the same room temperature because penis size is influenced by the temperature.

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